Hey guys, it’s HermioneGranger112 here, with my first blog post. I basically haven’t started this blog yet, because I’ve been busy, and all of my excuses. But I might get to spend more time on it and I’m encouraged by my first follower.. which I didn’t expect because I haven’t worked on virtually anything yet 😀

This blog will be about different interests of mine, not just writing stories, though I will occasionally post some on different topics. If you read my profile on Gravatar, you’ll see I’m a fan of many different books, so I might post fanfiction here. Or you may notice I love Poptropica and Animal Jam, so I might post walkthroughs or stories about them. It all depends on what I feel like – sometimes I feel warm and cozy like eating marshmallows near a fire or I feel about writing about the cold autumn breeze or the Queen Anne’s Lace I see as I walk to school.

I’ll end this post with a quote. “If you can dream it, you can do it,” – Walt Disney.. and if this blog goes far, I’ll be indefinitely in debt to my readers and followers 🙂


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